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e-Link Networking System
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e-Link Networking System

e-Link Networking System is a complete, convenient, and computer based electronic locking system. From small to large locking applications, e-Link Networking System is capable of controlling and managing a maximum of 64,000 doors by 64,000 users. All commands and information for locks and access rights are stored in user's transponder which can be updated anytime through any online hot-spot wall readers. The software is fully featured with lock settings, time schedule, user profile management, and issuing cards. The lost cards can be banned automatically after reissuing user cards.  A clear record and monitoring page can help administrators supervise the who le system.  It is very easy to operate yet with highest security.  Moreover, application such as Time Attendance can be integrated with e-Link Networking System. With this multiple-function solution, WAFERLOCK provides you a totally different environment for controlling your access. It is efficient, simple, and secure.


  • Virtual networking system
  • Setup by the programmer, updated by transponders
  • Max Door: 64,000
  • Max User: 64,000
  • Max Door Group: 1,500
  • Time Zone: 200, 12 Intervals Each
  • Calendar: 128, + Holiday Options
  • Opening Mode: 1. Standard / 2. Office Mode / 3. Toggle / 4. Timed Toggle
  • Daylight saving time
  • Emergency mode
  • Audit Trail: 1,024 events per device
  • Transponder: Mifare Classic S50
  • Construction mode
  • Users and operator report
  • Anti-pass back
  • Low power warning list for locks
  • Database Backup, Export or Import
  • User account authorization


Software Application
e-Link software

IP67 Electronic Cylinders
WCL-7500 Series Electronic Cylinders
WEL-7500 Euro Handle Lock
WR-1510 Wall Reader
WR-1520 Vandal Proof Wall Reader
WR-2500/2510 Wall controller
RT-7500 System Programmer
RW-313 Energy Saver

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