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Hotel Property Management System (HPMS), can issue different type cards for each purpose, which is specially designed for hotel business access control. In order to manage a volume of hotel guests and hotel personnel, HPMS has distinguished and organized Hotel cards by its function such as guest cards, service cards, manager cards, set door no. cards, emergency cards, and so on. No matter if you are hotel receptionists or technicians, you will be able to learn the operation of this handy system easily in short period of time. API Interface to other hotel management system is also available for the PMS integration.


  • Offline system
  • Max Door: 1,500
  • Max User: 10,000 employees (No limit for guests)
  • Audit Trail: 504 events per device
  • Transponder: Mifare Classic S50
  • Construction mode
  • System backup
  • User account authorization
  • Pre-Check in schedule available
  • Office Hour Mode for passage door and public door
  • Check In / Out Report
  • Card log report
  • API available for PMS


Software Application
HPMS Hotel Property Management System 

IP67 Electronic Cylinders
WCL-7300 Hotel Digital Locking Cylinder
WEL-3000A Electronic Lock
WEL-3600 Electronic Lock
WR-1310 Wall Reader
WR-2300 Controller
RT-7300 Programmer
RW-313 Energy Saver

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