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Electronic Cylinder System

No more heavy key chains and losing keys.  It is secure and simple, one card for all the locks. Once the lock learns a Programming Card, user cards, any Mifare cards, can be easily programmed into or removed from the lock. The Passage Card provides a toggle mode on certain car ds. When the lock reads the card with toggle mode, the lock will be always open until reading the card next time. Shadow Card provides the function of deleting the corresponding user card when the user card is lost. It would not require to delete all the cards and reprogram the others then. With easy to use feature & RF version, linking your lock with an alarm system is always an easy task.

Specification & Capacity:

  • Max User: 1000
  • Transponder: Mifare Classic
  • Passage Mode
  • Programming Card for multiple cylinders / locks
  • Programming Card to authorize user cards
  • Shadow Card to cancel a paired user card
  • Programming Card can be reset by Reset Tool

IP67 Electronic Cylinders
WCL-7100 Standalone Electronic Cylinder
Standalone Electronic handle locks
Programming Card
Passage Card
User Card
Shadow Card

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